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Roofing Estimates In Myrtle Beach SC

Get an Onsite Roofing Estimate That Is Accurate

The problem with estimates is that they can add a level of uncertainty to your project, especially if you’re on a tight budget. This can lead to many homeowners getting frustrated and just doing away with their project plans completely.

At Roofing we are one of the most reliable roofers in Myrtle Beach SC has, that’s something that you will never have to worry about dealing with ever again. Our quotes are solid and firm. When inspects your home, we make sure to take note of everything that your roof repair or replacement needs, down to the very last detail. And once we’ve reviewed everything, we take all aspects into account before providing you with a definite price quote that you can work with.

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And if you find everything to your liking, we arrange a meeting for you with your Alpha Omega Myrtle Beach SC representative and construction supervisor, to make sure that you understand are completely satisfied with every detail. Only then will we start your roofing project.

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Roof Repair Done the Way Expert Roofing Contractors in Myrtle Beach SC

Because we are one of the most trusted roofers Atlanta has, we value both you and your home, which is why from the start of the project, up until the very end we clearly set the dates and what you can expect at each stage, even going so far as to let you know when our crew will arrive and any foreseeable delays.

And because your satisfaction is our primary concern, we don’t consider the job finished until you get exactly what you want. After construction, we’ll lead you through a final walk-through to review our roofing work and provide you a detailed checklist so that you can check the quality of our workmanship.

What Happens After our Work is Done?

Just because the project is complete doesn’t mean that we’re done taking care of your home. During the walk-through, we’ll provide you with a detailed and well-organized project portfolio complete with all the quotes, contracts, invoices, warranties, and important contact details that you may need. As one of the best roofers in Myrtle Beach SC, it is our commitment to serving you with our very best efforts.

We’ll review every aspect of the project portfolio with you so that aside from having a record of your roof repair or replacement, you know exactly who to call if any problems arise. And it doesn’t matter if those warranties expire. We’ll still be just a phone call away to answer any of your questions or even drop by if that’s what you’d like.

Ready to Start Your Roof Repair or Replacement in Myrtle Beach SC?

If we sound like a company that you can be confident in doing business with, just fill out the form below to get your no-obligation on-site assessment and detailed project proposal. We’ll be in touch with you shortly to schedule everything at a time that’s convenient for you

New Roof Providers Evergreen Charlotte NC North Carolina Now Provinding SPF


Evergreen Roofing Charlotte NC is a leader in commercial and industrial roofing. We have the staff, equipment, knowledge, and know-how that it takes to get your job done. We are the ultimate in versatility, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Our roofing construction experience has served clients in the commercial & industrial markets extensively since 1984. By combining our experience with high-quality roofing materials, we create solutions that work best for your situation.

As flat roof specialists, we provide a variety of services for strip malls, warehouses, manufacturing and processing plants, motels, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc. We also provide services for select* residential projects.
Re-roofing / New Construction
Roof Repairs & Restorations
Roof Management Service
Preventative Maintenance

Evergreen Roofs Are Built To Last A Lifetime!!

If you have roof problems that are more urgent and need a roofer in Charlotte NC now, don’t wait, your roofing problems could be potentially getting worse.

An Evergreen Roof System is comprised of a high density closed cell, monolithic polyurethane foam, coated with an elastomeric coating consisting of an acrylic, silicone, or polyurethane waterproof coating to protect the SPF from the sun’s UV-rays designed to perform as a durable and sustainable roofing system that is perfectly capable of receiving foot traffic as well.

The SPF roofing system is a spray-applied system that bonds directly to the roof substrate. In turn, it becomes part of the structure and can vary in thickness for added insulation, creating a positive roof slope for adequate drainage as well as building up a low lying area over the roof to prevent ponding water. Because of SPF’s monolithic abilities and seamless spray applied installation, the SPF roofing system can be installed over even the most challenging of architectural roof designs and structures. The SPF roofing system is ideal for new construction, re-roofing, and approved roof recovers.

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Why we can’t give you an instant costing

There are many factors that determine the price of your roof repairs, which is why we’re happy to visit to give you an estimate. Some of the factors that affect the price include:

  • The type of tile: real slate costs about 25% more than machine-made material
  • The size of your roof. Obviously, a bigger roof cost more.
  • The build of your roof, such as the number of chimney stacks (which require extra work around them), and the number of peaks and valleys
  • The type of feeling; breathable felt costs a little more than regular felt.

We’ll give you details of our estimate, so you know exactly what it includes.

Additional Costs

Sometimes there may be extra costs which can only be estimated once we remove the old tiles from your roof, such as whether any rafters need replacing. Be wary of other roofers who may give you a fixed quote, and then sting you with a hidden cost… after they’ve taken your tiles off.



An SPF roofing system, when properly installed and maintained, is considered to be a sustainable roofing system, meaning that as long as the SPF is properly coated to protect the SPF from the UV-rays of the sun, it may possibly be the last roofing system you’ll ever need, with periodic inspections and recoats.


The SPF roofing system is not only a waterproof roofing system but also an insulated roofing system all in one. With a high R-value and improved thermal efficiency, by reducing the thermal bridging (air transfer through cracks in the building’s roof deck) an SPF roofing system can provide a return on your roof investment, through your heating and cooling savings for as long as the SPF system is properly inspected and maintained. Remember, by periodic inspections and keeping the coating applied over the SPF with periodic coatings as far apart as ten to fifteen years, this could mean it lasts for the life of your building. Most coatings used are white in color to reflect the sun’s ambient rays making your building that much cooler on those hot days. However, a variety of coating colors are available to suit your specific taste or building design needs.


In the application of an SPF roofing system, both the SPF and the coating systems are spray applied to create a seamless watertight seal across the entire roof area including mechanical curbs, parapet walls, around penetrations and drains, metal flashings, as well as any other obstacle across the roof area. Translated to mean no glued, taped, or heat welded seams to become compromised over time.


The SPF roofing system is typically the lightest roof system available in the market place. Translated, this means less stress on the structure of the building.


As already mentioned above, the SPF roof system is self-flashing around all penetrations. Most commonly, roof leaks result from improper installation or aged roof penetration flashings. With an SPF system, these problems are virtually eliminated.


With an SPF roofing system sprayed directly to the roof’s deck, it adds to the structural integrity of the roof deck itself. As a result, the SPF system is able to achieve the highest of wind up-lift factors, weather your building is on the coast or in the mountains (provided your roof deck was installed in accordance to the local building codes for your geographical location).