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PR Design Michigan – What Does a General Contractor Do?

PR Design Michigan – What Does a General Contractor Do?

General contractor | PR Design Michigan is responsible for a wide range of duties that make construction projects run smoothly. They ensure that needed materials arrive on site when they are supposed to, that subcontractors stay on task and work meets code.

Finding a general contractor that is skilled, experienced, and trustworthy is essential to your home remodel project. Luckily, Sweeten makes the process of meeting and getting a quote from contractors easy!

Project Management

As a general contractor, you’re in charge of managing construction projects and making sure that everything goes to plan. This includes scheduling, budgeting and coordinating with other contractors to complete specialized tasks.

Most GCs start out as workers in the industry, learning different aspects of building like framing, carpentry and masonry. They often then move up the ranks to become project managers and oversee bigger projects.

During the design phase, they’ll also interact with architects and engineers to create a building blueprint and specifications. Once the plans are set, they’ll submit a bid for the project. The contractor with the lowest bid will get the job.


A general contractor is responsible for both the fine details and major concerns of a construction project. They ensure that everyone sticks to the procedure, which helps keep the project running smoothly and makes sure that all work is completed according to a client’s specifications.

General contractors typically have a bachelor’s degree, but much of their experience comes from on-the-job training and apprenticeships. They also need to obtain a contractor’s license bond through a surety agency. Tools like SafetyCulture can offer many benefits to GCs, such as reducing paperwork and improving communication and efficiency. They can help a project stay on track and save time, which is vital in the construction industry.

Contract Negotiation

Businesses that meet California’s licensing requirements for general contractors are required to carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance. General contractors are also responsible for securing the necessary permits for construction projects.

A GC will work with property owners to ensure that the project is completed safely, on time, and within budget. They’ll usually be involved in the design process and will assemble a team of subcontractors to perform specific tasks.

Before negotiating contracts, it’s important to identify your priorities. This can help you avoid compromising on areas that are less important. It can also make the negotiating process more efficient. This can save both parties money in the long run.


A general contractor has the financial backing to pay for everything needed to complete your project, including labor, materials, equipment, and more. They know how to craft bids that will meet a client’s budget.

They also make sure that everyone follows proper procedures, ensuring that all permits and codes are met. This is vital for safety and to avoid potential legal ramifications down the line. A good GC is experienced, professional, and trustworthy. They’re familiar with construction trends and best practices, as well as how to tackle new challenges that may come up along the way. They can turn around projects with speed and quality, while still meeting deadlines.


Licensed general contractors are responsible for making sure that the construction process goes according to plan and that all of the parties involved get paid. This is why it’s important for GCs to have tools like SafetyCulture that can help them streamline the entire workflow.

General contractors can take on a variety of tasks, including project management and scheduling, contract negotiation, and sourcing subcontractors for specialized labor. They also handle permits and budgets and are in charge of ensuring that the construction project stays on track. Lastly, they often serve as the go-between for building owners and all the people who bring a construction project to life.


Whether it’s the carpentry, plumbing, or electrical work that is being done in your home renovation project, general contractors typically hire subcontractors to perform specific tasks. This creates a chain of contracts descending from the original contract that the GC enters with their suppliers and subcontractors.

A GC will make sure that these subcontractors have been properly vetted and are insured. This helps avoid payment disputes, delays and liens-things that everyone involved in the construction project would like to keep to a minimum.

General Contractors will also take care of any required inspections and ensure that they stay within code. This can be a big deal as serious legal ramifications can result from improper coding and inspection procedures.