The better part of our lives is spent at our work place and hence it is but natural that an environment of peace and tranquillity should prevail there. True, that in the cut throat world of modern business environment, peace remains a distant dream for those immersed in the rat race. This is the primary reason why there are more fatalities from work pressure today than ever before.

But in spite of that a concerted effort has to be made for maintaining peace of mind in the work place. There are two dimensions to it – the first from the employer’s perspective and the second from the employees’ angle.

Employer –

  • Ensure that the workplace has a clean and cheerful ambience. Even though floor space comes at a premium, have a well spread out design for your office. Employees prefer their own private space to work peacefully without having colleagues breathing down their necks at all times.
  • Have professional office cleaners take care of the cleanliness instead of depending on the amateur building janitor. Over flowing waste paper baskets spread bad vibes in the office.
  • If you are recruiting through companies specialising in labour hire in Melbournethe fresh recruits will already know about the operational aspects of your business. Make them feel at home by introducing them all around. Add a personal touch by enquiring about their family.
  • Colour of the walls play a crucial part in creating peace of mind at work place. Have light pastel colours instead of dark garish ones.

Employees –

  • It is difficult but try to leave your personal problems behind. Don’t let it hamper your work. Your career should be very important for you.
  • De-clutter your work station. Remove unwanted paper and notes. Use brightly coloured square papers to write notes and reminders and pin them on the board in front of you. Colours invariably lift moods. Table top should be as neat as possible.
  • Do not discuss personal problems around the water cooler or coffee machine. It will dampen your spirits. Talk about the latest happenings – Olympics, elections, man on Mars – anything except what might depress you.
  • Avoid being in competitive mode with your colleagues. Go forward through your work proficiencies which should not depend on what others are doing.

Follow these simple steps and make life at the workplace a much anticipated event every day.

Car Removal in Canberra – Get Your Car Back at Affordable Price

Car removal in Canberra – When you buy any kind of cars from anywhere around the world, the only question that pops in your mind is how you will get your car back to its original destination safely and at an affordable price? If your vehicle has been damaged due to theft or due to a fault then the first step that needs to be taken is to have it repaired by the reputed mechanic in your locality. But if your vehicle is still under its warranty period then you can consider car removal in Canberra.

Canberra Car Removal

If you are looking forward to purchase a car but do not know where to look for the right car then car removal in Canberra is the best option. There are several service providers in the city that offer car removal facility to their customers with different options according to your requirement. The service providers are dealing with various types of cars ranging from small cars to big cars which are mostly expensive.

The companies who are operating with these services are fully aware about the working procedure of the cars and they take complete care that your car does not damage during the process of removal. So the only cost involved here is the removal charge which ranges from a few dollars up to $100 per day. You can hire their services at a fixed rate as well. You can even negotiate with them on the rate of the service.